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Reviewed By: Fancy Fish Tales

(3 Minute Read)

Enjoy the first listen to this album in ignorant bliss. Because every listen after that, you are gonna be catching and breaking down lines, schemes, and metaphors that you missed. And trust, you missed some shit. 

In this creatively adventurous project, the gravel in Cambatta’s voice guides us through a transcendental journey of encrypted anomalies, otherworldly imagery, laced with haunting melodies. The artist ruthlessly accepts and explores the microparticles of his perceptions, pain, energy, and existence in a uniquely poetic style. With 17 tracks, the album is a full meal. Catering to those with acquired tastes and elevating novice palates. As the title implies, the whole album is a trip with many stand-out moments. Dig deep meanings are woven throughout, down to the track title spellings; (eg, NuMirrorcal, Mic El JahXsun, Psylense of the Lambatta). 

Batta comes with an even, trancelike tone and metered delivery on "Bones of Osiris," boasting, "bad to the muddaphuckin bone". Lyrically stomping intentionally and busting up concrete with cranium cracking conundrums. "33" chronicles his coming of age. The panoramic tale plays out like a movie in short, succinct scenes that are easy to follow yet hard to swallow and covers all genres from thriller to horror, to drama. The hook vocalist umbrellas the sacred story but does not shield us from his storms. On the track "NuMirrorcal," we seem to fall into a liquid looking glass and into the waters of eternity as Cambatta petitions the omnipotent for a miracle. 

The artist splashes genius on the canvas as he honors and embodies iconic archetypal cultural figures. With a tip of the top hat to Tesla, a "shamone" in the gold and white light of Michael Jackson and a continuous reckoning with the Christ. On the title track (real fun listen), Cambatta asks, "what is LSD?". Then proceeds to answer his own question by running over 70 acronyms for the 3 letters. "Fall of Feinix," an intricate examination of narcotics of all kinds, clever and immersive as he raps, "my spirit animal is a cold turkey." He wraps the album up with "Wings of Icarus." A soulful hymn fraught with the beauty and irony of finally being free, but only through death. 

Complete with lyricism, creativity, storytelling, humor, grit, science, math and metaphor, LSD is a top-tier hip-hop experience. A wild ride with no inhibitions and a requirement of an open mind for maximum latitudinal effect. Bend ya ear to it. 



Fall of Feinix 

Nxggxr Chrxst 

February 10, 2021

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