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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

These short and sweet projects all from local Cleveland artist are proving at Cleveland Hip Hop is alive and well. Check out these four projects, add them to your playlist and bump as often and as loud as you can.

Kamakazi Kenji – Pieces EP (7)

“Lord, I’m so thankful for my woman and my kids.” This project is full of gratitude and self-determination. Every track bleeds with a thirst for something bigger. Better. All of us are constantly searching for something. And some of us may never reach it because we give up when things don’t go our way. Kenji’s lyrics preach of life lessons and fighting for what is most important to him and being the best man he can be. With that type of mindset, nothing can get in his way.



Broken Glass

Kam 2.jpg

Kalpali Money – Pali Papi (7.4)

With a strong Florida influence, Kapali displays maturity with his latest project. He has a beautiful uniqueness to him. Certain songs it seems as if he crying for something that is deep inside himself. In a way, it provides the listener a chance feel him on an even deeper level.


For A Livin’


Above The Wave

Sted Lee – Time 2 Go (7.8)​

Sted Lee features a few popular artist from the Cleveland area. Marcus Alan Ward and Big FVME to name a few. But this upbeat album gives us all the chance to dance and be in the moment. Sted Lee’s flow is catchy and feels effortless.


Time 2 Go

Keep It Klutch

Wish Me


Malik X – Gourmet Raps (8)

To celebrate Cleveland’s 2 Chef’s and A Beat, Malik X has put together a soundtrack to the meals. Over west coast enthused type beats, this project alone makes anyone want to check out not only the meals, but the live performances they offer every month.


Like It Is

Playing My Hand

Why Hate?

July 27, 2022

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