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By: Fancy Fish Tales

(2 Minute Read)

If A Written Testimony was June through August...Patents of Nobility is Indian Summer.

If A Written Testimony was supper...Patents of Nobility is thee encore.

Arguably one the most highly anticipated releases in recent Hip-Hop history, it's no wonder it's been leaked after ten plus years in the making.

A patent of nobility is official documentation outlining the validity and details of ones' noble standing. Jay Electronica takes us on a wondrous walk through his mind and heart. Riding the rhythms with spiritual reckonings and welcoming us to witness. Through his musical offering he reaches out to the skeletal structure of creativity. Reminding us of the sacred art of listening, as music is a reciprocal experience.

With Patents of Nobility, we hear songs we have heard before. We hear minimal features. We hear samples and sound bites that invite research to find meaning and connectivity to the rest of the album. It's a solid representation of the multi-purposed nature of music making, Hip-Hop specifically.

Jays' poetic prostrations herald us into our own introspections. Which could easily help occupy time as we wait for his next album release.

For now, Patents of Nobility. Bend yo ear to it.

Listen to full album here!

October 18, 2020

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