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By: Jewels Alexandria

(1 Minute Read)

“Just because it Monday don’t mean it gotta be mundane.” How many of us get the Monday blues? Malik X teaches us to take advantage of every day and every moment with his latest single, Monday.  Hunger Force Beats uses a vibey, LA type beat, that instantly catches any hip-hop heads ear and easily fits like a puzzle with the game Malik is attempting to give us. Monday is the type of song you roll a tight J to or ride around the city motivating you to get what you need done, done.  With the release of the track, he provides a visual to put a face to the voice which you can catch on The Juke Joint and Youtube.

Malik X is on the right track with a great mindset to push his dreams to the limit.

You can find Malik X’s music on all music platforms.

September 20, 2020

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