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Reviewed By: Jewels Alexandria

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When listening to a new rap/hip-hop artist what do you look for? The beat, maybe? The artist flow? Or maybe the lyrics? Or is it all of those things that intrigue you to listen? Cleveland native Malik X, has a string of music displaying his passion and talent for music. His latest project, The Never-Ending Session, is just that. A rap session that that flows from one song to the next. Similar to hanging with friends and after a few drinks and blunts a freestyle session breaks out.  Instantly, the choice of instrumentals draws the listener in and prepares you for smooth session.

Over soothing classic hip hop instrumentals, Malik X is talks about the women, struggles and his determination to be the best around. He does not allow life’s interruptions to deter him from pursing his dream of music. And takes pride in all his hard work. “It ain’t nigga on the planet that can say he wrote for me.” Even trying to get people hip about the other side of music game. Owning masters and such. But the thing that pops out most about X, is his confidence and charisma. “I like what I like,” and is not afraid to tell exactly why he does the things he does and even brags a bit about the things in his life. To be honest, it is a definite must when it comes to rap music.

The Never-Ending Session is the perfect balance because you can put this project on and just let it ride. It pairs well with whatever it is you are doing. Riding around the city, cleaning or simply writing. It's great for sunny days and great for inspiring yourself to get up and get stuff done.

Check out The Never-Ending session now on YouTube (link below) and be on the look out for more music by Malik X.

malik x the never ending session - YouTube


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March 14, 2021

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