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No Rhyme or Reason Just Cleveland

3 Year Anniversary

Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

Today marks three years of The Juke Joint! Three whole years of local shows, learning the ups and downs of owning your own magazine. And most importantly, the music! Observing and understanding the hard work that it takes to be a musician or artist allows me to take a hard look at my own work ethic. Cleveland has some of the most outspoken talent around. And I am more than grateful to watch them on their journey to fulfill their dream. Here are a few artists The Juke Joint had the pleasure of interviewing or simply being in their presents as they push their art out to the world. 

Here's to three years and many more to come!


Pure Power Music Group

This group of hard working men came together to put on private intimate shows that are displayed on Youtube. Similar to Tiny Desk Concerts, excutive producer, Timothy Wallaace is displaying Cleveland music in the most beautiful way. I see this going further than Cleveland.

Read Full Article Here

Marcus Alan Ward


After a four-year hiatus, Marcus Alan Ward not only put on a show of a lifetime, “A Time to Remember,” he released one of the best albums I have heard this year. Crusierweight is sexy. Like the perfect Sunday evening paired with your favorite glass of wine. Or like the “kiss to a collar bone.” The Guitar riffs are electrifying and Nathan Pauls seductive saxophone playing brings the album alive. Each feature fits like a puzzle. Projects like this remind me why I started The Juke Joint in the first place. Check out the article recaping that amazing night!

All The Hipe & Astral Housefly

This duo sat down with The Juke Joint earlier in the year and gave us insight into the process of making music. What their future plans are and what music means to them. The way the speak of the importance of taking your time with music is admirable. Check out the full interview below! 

Who Saved Who


Naisisreal put on a few shows this summer promoting positive vibez. She trusted in The Juke Joint to create recap videos from her events. Each event captured positive promoting music and poetry. Naisisreal persona is one a believer in God, the spirit world and speaking great things into existence. Be sure to look out for one of Naisisreal's shows. They are more than just music they're inspiring. Check out the recap videos here!

Another group The Juke Joint had to opportunity to share the same space with is Who Saved Who. This alternative rock band released their first full length project earlier this year titled, Sharing the Daytime Moon. And The Juke Joint was able to discuss the process and their future endeavors. Check out the full interview on YouTube now!

Chef Herb & Chef Kris

Two Chefs & A Beat

If you are unaware of what Chef Kris and Chef Herb have been putting together for the past few years here’s a quick synopsis of who they are what they are about. Each month the two chefs choose a different venue to promote local rap all the while serving upscale meals. They even allow the crowd to participate in which food they liked the best. Be sure to look out for their monthly events!

Check out the full article covering one of the amazing events here!

November 2, 2022

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