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Reviewed By: Fancy Fish Tales

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Forging on in his impressive mixtape legacy, Shamele Mackie, bka, Papoose, dropped his latest project January, in the first weeks of February. And when you listen to it, you know that its right on time. 

This body of work doesn't waste any time, jumping off with hard bodied, street savvy flows holding down classic hood melodies. Pulling effortlessly from his arsenal of knowledge and experience, Pap fits his perspectives into the margins of the variant beats. We get hit with a rocking guitar riff as the lyricist takes us on a journey, of climbing the filthy bottom rung of the ladder, all the way to the coveted top, all while wondering if "what we're working for is even worth it." The track "Capitol Bullshit" opens with a sample of Donald Trumps voice, and immediately goes into a detailed account of what happened in our country on January 6, 2021. Papoose gives his political perspective on the two Americas in regards to justice, liberty, law, and differing responses to citizen led civic initiatives. "2020 obituary" pays homage to multiple cultural icons that we lost last year from Kobe Bryant and Breonna Taylor, to Alex Trebek and Kenny Rogers. 

With sharp wit and nimble verbal machinations, Papoose brings the brick and mortar of his Bedstuy upbringing to his commentary and musicality. The smooth, easy metaphors, vivid imagery, and invitational cadence makes January worth a listen in any month of the year. Bend ya ear to it. 


In the Crib Dancin' 

I Wanna Know 

No Feelings 

March 21, 2021

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