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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

Hip hop is more than just another genre or style of music. It is the culture. It’s the style of dress, the emotion, a way of living. It’s an attitude that not many can replicate. An art form that should not be taken lightly. 


Imagine waking into a venue filled with enthused hip hop fans. Alcohol being poured behind the bar, Snoop Dogg blearing through the speakers as fans wait for a rap battle that is not seen in Cleveland often. At least not in this way. Malik X Vs. Marquis Storm. Three songs, to see who has the best overall music and fan base. A beef that stemmed from a freestyle on the Locally Grown Podcast, where Malik X challenged Cleveland Scene Magazine's top three best Hip Hop winners. A well-respected freestyle. Stream Space, a live streaming media network, jump on the opportunity to capitalize on the moment. Putting together a concert Cleveland wont forget. 

Anxiety and excitement fill the room and what better place than to choose a venue like Coda. Coda is a underground musical bar located in Tremont, Ohio that feels a lot like the past. Art and graffiti are spewed along the walls. Flyers of bands that have been through before are stuck to the walls and a faint smell of marijuana is in the air.

Upon entry, Malik X's opponent, Marquis Storm is already in the building. Waiting. A look of nervousness, but ready. The room seems to be waiting for Malik X.

To open, Name Jai, another local hip hop artist, sets the tone for the battle. Rocking hot pink pants and futuristic thigh high boots, Name Jai captivates the crowd with attitude and enthusiasm towards hip hop. 

"The champ is here!" Chants Malik X as he walks in sporting a Sherby Gang vest. Ready to take his spot on the throne. The room erupts in a cheer and laughter has Malik Poses for photos. 

The Battle:

From the beginning, Malik X is confident in the war. Even demonstrating push up's during Storms performance. Burning his tickets and making funny faces. Keeping the show entertaining and engaging the crowd. At times, Marquis Storm seemed a little unsure of his rhymes, even forgetting his lyrics and the crowed screamed "choke, choke, choke," a word no MC ever wants to hear. But Storm took it the chin and challenged an artist that most already knew the outcome. Much respect to Marquis Storm. Needless to say, Malik X takes the win in all three rounds. By a land slide.

Round 1: 60 to 16

Round 2: 52 to 18

Round 3: 47 to 19

Congratulations to Malik X. Cleveland's Rap Champ.

January 22, 2024

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