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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

What makes Cleveland so different from cities like New York or Chicago? Could it be the people? Or maybe it’s the things to do? Why does Cleveland have such a bad reputation? I know this question has been asked numerous of times and there are plenty of different explanations. But to simplify things, Cleveland’s difference is what makes the city so great. It’s not like Chicago or Atlanta, its Cleveland. And from much experience, different is better. We don’t have a “sound” when it comes to music. And to be honest, it’s a good thing. If you think about it repetition becomes redundant after a while. And the world gets bored. You never know what you are going to get from someone who is from Cleveland.

Cleveland, like so many other cities, put on small but imperative show cases. Events that highlight talent around the city on so many levels. For instance, Two Chefs and a Beat. Two young Black Chefs, Chef Kris and Chef Herb come together a couple times a year to not only give you a taste of Cleveland, but also a taste of Cleveland music. And what’s better than good food and music? Although a Rap/Hip-Hop showcase, the music and people are diverse. This November’s event included artist, All The Hipe, R The Czar, Malik X and Coo Johnson. Each artist came with an energy that screamed; I have something to prove. All The Hipe with his laid-back head bobbin songs got the crowd ready then R The Czar with hit songs like CMS and and DND. Then there is Malik X. The energy crazed artist brought two artist, Dre Keron and Coupe and together they dropped nothing but new tracks that got the crowd hype beyond belief. With the drinks and food flowing Coo Johnson closed the event. Over smoothed out beats, Coo Johnson is well on his way to stardom.

So, give Cleveland another chance. Take a deeper look and what you will find is talent that is unmatched. Even to the big cities like New York and Chicago.

December 1, 2021

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