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"But what I love most is my own culture, who started this whole thing called music" 


I’ve lived in the most romantic places,

And I’ve lived in the coldest.

I’ve experienced a different culture,

Different languages,

Tried foods one could only imagine,

But one thing has always had my heart, music.


You see, nothing brings people together like music.

It can take you to places,

Beyond what you can imagine,

We even become spectators as each artist fights to be the coldest.

It can be heard in various languages,

And even has its own culture.


But what I love most is my own culture

Who started this whole thing called music,

And has grown into having its own languages.

Crypted codes only known if you grow up in those places.

A life that can be the coldest,

But is so much more when you imagine.


The Juke Joint is a place for all music. The coldest sounds and the most dynamic people. A platform to tell your story, the places you’ve been. It’s a chance to speak your language. All the things you can imagine. I’m here to keep the CULTURE alive!


A Sestina By: Jewels Alexandria

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