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By: Jewels Alexandria

(1 Minute Read)

Apostle Jones brings back the feel of when pop rock was art. A familiar but unique sound that is perfect for a night out to catch some live instrumentation. Lilith, is the band’s first EP and it is just a wonderful as their live performances.

The album opens up with the title of the album, Lilith, when at first it is believed the album will have a melancholy effect, then it spins into Head Gone, and reminds us of the energy filled Mikey Silas and his amazing ability to sound like no one else.  Each band member plays off each other so well and the lead guitarist plays with so much passion, especially for the track Lilith. Cleveland’s Matt Moody even has some writing credits on the track Evolution with uplifting lyrics that will dance you right to the dance floor.

Overall, this short but sweet EP will for sure be heard by the ears that are intended to hear it. And will also be reminded of that 70s Pop Rock that showed the world rock does not have to be dark.



Gypsy Rising

September 27, 2020

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