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By: Jewels Alexandria

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Give all yourself. It’s all you need to be the truest you. Its all you need to accomplish anything you set your mind to. And Corry Michaels truly gave all him self on his first album, Give All Yourself.  From the start of the album I get the feeling of evening art galleries, bubbly filled flutes and smiling faces.  Michaels reminds us to never forget to dance and to enjoy the moment.

His first two singles, Fair Fight and Close gave us a wonderful glimpse of what the rest of the album had to give us. Fun, fast dance tracks of course but also chance to jump around just because we can. He also is not afraid to slow it down a bit. The track Second Guess is finding that familiar feeling of happiness with someone. With its bouncy melody I can close my eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset spent with the one who “makes my heartbeat outta my chest.”

This energetic, electro album is apart of what summer is like. Happy fun filled moments where we can recall what song we played while we enjoyed the day. Sometimes, that’s all we ever really need

You can find Give All Yourself on all streaming platform now!!

IG: @Iamcorrymichaels



Second Guess


July 27, 2020

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