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Written By: Jewels Alexandria
(3 Minute Read)

When it comes to underground music there is a right and a wrong way to approach it. Well, not really but when you’re in the presence of music appreciation it feels like the right way. The Juke Joint had the opportunity to sit in with Expression’s Pure Power Music Group 42nd episode as they interviewed, recorded, and joked around on their podcast with Cleveland’s own Komplex. A dope MC by the way. It’s one to watch the performances on YouTube, which are phenomenal, but to be present during the behind-the-scenes process is where the true appreciation lies.

Executive producer, Timothy Wallace, puts on his game face as he prepares each segment. Calling out instructions of placement of the cameras, of the artist all the while a goofy good, spirited vibe.  The start of it all began like all good ideas, a dream. What started as a podcast called Xpression has expanded into something even more beautiful through the Covid pandemic. A place for local artist showcases their talents through live sessions. And he doesn’t do it alone. His team of young goal oriented black men work together to put on these shows. K Chef, musician by night, nutritionist by day. Chillz, hip hop music producer, Te Tha Genius on keysand Grove with help on the cameras. All play a part in putting on a great show. Each with a energetic personality that keeps the positive vibes flowing.


Komplex, meaning, Knowledge over money leaving everybody exed out, is a true hip hop artist. His lyrics of prosperity and wealth ring bells for miles to come. Having the opportunity to watch him break down his music in his interview and perform is something to never forget. Be on the look out for new music from Komplex soon. You can check out the full interview and performance on Pure Power Music Groups YouTube account.

October 20, 2022

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