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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

The “G.O.A.T.S” of music are sucking up the music scene. (Someone has to say it.)

Hear me out! If Chris Brown can lackadaisically release the same album repeatedly or Drake put out and non-hip-hop album and call it rap, where is music going. There are many up and coming artist who look up to these artist. Where Chris Brown and Drake had artists like Lil Wayne and Michael Jackson as their influencers. Today, we have artist like Nicki Minaj going on a rampage and releasing basically whatever to keep her name relevant when there was never a need. “A bee does not bother to tell a fly he should not eat shit.”  Partially, it is the listeners fault for giving them all the praise based on their “name,” but these artist today have got to stop using their name as a means of “good” music. It has now gotten to a point where Billboard numbers do not matter. Simply because A-list musicians are going to get the sells regardless. But truth be told, a lot of these “G.O.A.T.S” are not making timeless albums. Maybe a few singles here and there but let’s face it, everything is, eh. There seems to be no real effort or passion into their music anymore. Is it a bad case of complacency? I am not sure, but all this is going to do is produce a lot of new music that is half-assed. Now, before you start to say, “just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean someone else wont.” I’m not saying the music is not good, it’s just that the music is, ok. Will we be listening to Breezy or Honestly, Nevermind 10 years from now? Will be excited to show our children or grandchildren these albums at the cookout? Only time will tell but I willing to bet, no. It’s not just these last albums, it has been this way for a few years. I feel its’s time to say something.

Sorry, Chris and Drake, I’m not making you the butt of my jokes I’m just tryna advance my quotes (could resist, lol).  But now it’s gotten to the point where full bodies of work like, It’s Almost Dry or Marigold, don’t get the praise due to big name artist like these stinking up the place. Maybe we’ve been brainwashed too, in the great words of New Radicals. But I am challenging our biggest stars to truly take a look at why they do this? I know the love is still there, I just l believe it’ stuffed deep down inside of them. And possibly, they have lost sight of the reason behind striving for bigger and better, not same and dull.

Pusha T.jpg

Here’s a thought. Maybe it’s time to start looking at the underground scene again. Some new and fresh faces that can possibly cleanse the airwaves for a bit. Maybe going back to the basics can help this slump music seems to be in. Back to the small underground bars with the live music. Back to intimate shows where the hunger and drive is felt. Where the fans are built based on true emotion not clout.

Just a raw observation that may offend some of you. But it is all opinion and fun at the end of the day. (But may be true.)

July 13, 2022

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