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Reviewed By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

It has been six long years since we have had full Jazmine Sullivan album. Although the deep but savvy voice tress has released a few small gems like, Insecure and a joint album with Mali Music during the wait. Her fourth album Heaux Tales gives a glimpse of the ways of women. And not just any women, black women. Heaux Tales is more than just music. It boldly makes a statement that unveils the secrets, hurts and gossip of women. And does it with no shame. As a woman, it makes me want to say shh, don’t say too much.

From the very beginning, Sullivan invites listeners to hear her inner thoughts out loud. “You don’t know who you went home with. . . again.” Over beautiful harmonizing, Bodies (Intro), preps us for an album that will not hold back the sexual desires of women. Practically screams that women have sexual cravings too.  Between each track are short but sweet Tales and trials and tribulations of various women including Dreamville’s first lady, Ari Lennox.  Rolling off the story of each woman, Jazmine Sullivan has the perfect lyrics to match each tale. Rashida’s story rolls wonderfully into the track Lost Ones. Following the story of falling in love and losing it from silly mistakes. Then there is second single, Pick Up Your Feelings. Where she realizes the power she possesses from being a woman. Each track can touch almost everyone woman’s feelings on a personal level. Possibly men too.

Jazmine Sullivan continues to prove how perseverance and having a true passion for music can go a long way. The R&B artist never forgets the Hip-Hop feel on her albums and this one is no different. Over sensual to head boppin beats, Heaux Tales is probably one of her best albums yet.



Bodies (Intro)

Pick Up Your Feelings

On It

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February 3, 2021

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