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Jinari Kemet

The Othercide



Reviewed By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

Jinari Kemet brings us into his world for his first solo project, The Othercide. From his struggles with depression to his mishaps with love and even his disbelief in God. He welcomes us all on his journey to finding himself again. This very transparent and bold album speaks on topics that can be extremely hard for most black men to talk about. But Jinari braves it out, in hopes of reaching someone who may need to hear it.

The MC toys with rock, pop, and rap. I could not help but to think of Eminem while listening to this project. Which leads me to believe the Detroit veteran may have been a huge influence for Jinari. Songs like Last To Fall, really display his Eminem impact with lines like, “I’ve been let down, I can’t pretend it didn’t hurt.” With his cadence very similar. None-the-less, the Cleveland MC experience with guitar feels so effortless, at times it feels like he is playing right in front of you.

Kemet follows the theme of the album very well. Ouroboros (intro), gives a clear understanding of what we will be diving into and he does not lose track of the purpose of the project. Some of my favorite parts being his interludes that help us to understand his own inner thoughts or what others report of Jinari. One theme that seems to reoccur is his disbelief in God. Who I assume is his mother, addresses this topic at the end of S.Y.N.H and beginning of Hiraeth (interlude), stating,” …I regret… I did not give you a strong foundation in having a belief in God.” I found this to be very powerful and courageous. I cant imagine any mother wanting to admit where she believes she has failed her child. But her influence is still evident in his music and his life in the most beautiful way. 

The album comes out hitting hard but then seems to fall a little short to conclude. Losing my interest at about song six. Thus, the rating of 7.5. It may have been the hard hitting rock sound that other may find refreshing. However, this project is very personal and the hard work and determination is felt throughout the entire album. 



The Life You Made


The Othercide

March 10, 2024

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