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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

What does it take to put you fears aside and follow your dreams? To truly go after something you love so much, it scares you a little. All it ever really takes is to just get started. Then look back at all the progress and where you are now. Look how far you’ve come. Joey Aich is currently in the middle of a 9-city tour, titled Aich Madness. Stopping right here in good old Cleveland, Ohio. Showcasing his immaculate talent for hip-hop music and is bringing friends along for the ride. For the first time in almost four years Aich returned to Cleveland’s very own Grog Shop to put on a show. And The Juke Joint was able to witness its greatness.

To open the show was R&B artist Miir. Opening with a Kendrick Lamar tune, Mirr set the tone for a vibing, cool and chill performance. Miir’s lackadaisical unique voice is not like most you hear today and her song writing is absolutely beautiful.  


Ms. Pastel has her own female DJ! It is always refreshing to see see a woman doing a "mans" job. Sporting a pink and white jogging pants, Chelsea Pastel comes to put on a show you wont forget. Her energy on stage is warm and welcoming. Not to forget fun!

Aich 1.jpg

Joey Aiche's inviting smile and fun loving character is felt with every encounter he has with those around. As well as in his music. He is sure to put on a show. Dancing and running back and forth on the stage and even throwing in a few back flips! With head bopping hip hop vibes, Aich is sure to have you walking out humming his tunes or even waking the next morning singing, "suburban kid but got it on my own."

The entire show was truly a party, filled with laughter and dancing and lots of crowd participation. Ensuring each concert goer the chance to learn the songs and encouraging to search for more. I wish nothing but the best for you Joey Aich on your journey to pursing your dreams. 

(For more information on the Aich Madness tour, check for it on IG @joeyaich4)

March 14, 2022

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