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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

Have you ever seen the movie Brown Sugar? And listen to the way Sidney (Sanaa Lathan) describes falling in love with Hip Hop for the first time? I mean, truly understanding and hanging onto ever word she writes. Then you start to realize you love Hip Hop just as much as she does. Well, Joey Aich gives that feeling. The feeling that not all hope is lost for the beauty in hip hop music. That Hip Hop music lives on is small places but is still thriving in so many ways.

Joey Aich’s EP, Out of My Own Way, is the perfect balance of relaxing hip-hop and genuine intelligence. The love of the art of hip hop pours out like a sweet glass of wine and leaves you craving for more. The opening track, Track 1, requires an instant replay. First listen is the beat, then it’s the lyrics second time around. “Misery loves company, don’t keep homie around.” Aich realizes the power in his words and uses them in a positive way. And promotes positive lifestyles. After such a smooth intro, Run Down starts up and has you put on the “stank face.”. You know, the this shits nasty face. Head boppin’ type beat that will encourage you to go on a drive on a hot summer day. With all the windows down. So people can wonder, “what is she listening to?”

“Suburban kid but got it on my own,” says Aich on the track, Pass Go. This line is so important the within hip-hop community. Many people believe you have to come from the gutter in order to be a “rapper.” But this thing we call music is much deeper than coming from nothing. So many that people that seem to have everything can have nothing and also have a story to tell as well. And Joey Aich does and wonderful job of painting a pretty picture of what exactly that feels like. And what it means to P.U.S.H for more.

To end the inspirational EP is Rolling Stone. A smooth laid-back track that speaks on persistence and grind we all inspire to be. That even through the struggles, to push for what you love. “where to, I don’t know, rolling stone. . . “

All in all, the fourteen-minute EP is the sound, the feel and compassion for hip-hop music that hip-hop lovers look for.  And touches on all the ways that one can get in their own way. As you are your own worse critic.

In words of Ms. Fancy fish Tales, “bend ya ear.”


Track 1

Run Down

Rolling Stones

May 24, 2021

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