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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

“Even when working on ourselves we inspire others.”

A wise woman once taught me this and following Kendrick Lamar’s latest album, he has done just that. Inspired. He left to work on himself and returned to share is learnings with the world. Well, the Hip-Hop world, at least. And for those who rely on music to get through the day, he could not have returned at a better time. Kendrick’s display of leadership and his passion to teach the importance of God, love and family are maturing at a level that takes some of us a lifetime to achieve. Although, we may never get a true understanding of what Kendrick it attempting to convey, he still inspires us to think. But he is not our Savior.

Just a little over a month ago, Kendrick Lamar released his 4th studio album, Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. This double disc album felt as if it were one. He speaks largely on men’s mental health and stays committed to the topic throughout the entire album. From the start of the first disc, we are able to see as Kendrick progresses towards receiving help. His 1,855 days to freedom. By the start of the second disc, he finally has his breakthrough. Pharrell Williams, who produced the track, Mr. Morale was also moved by the power of Kendrick’s writing stating, “This whole album is gonna be medicine for a lot of people.” And whether people understand its message now or later, you cannot deny his patience with subject matter and putting together music in a way that is not concerned with radio hits but with what it does for the consumer. There is an energy in these songs that feels a lot like home. Comfortable.

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Production, though subtle, is perfect. The Alchemist, Baby Keem, Boi 1Da as well as few others helped with production which aided in keeping the theme sonically together. There is a large focus on the lyrics unlike DAMN, where the production spoke a little louder, nonetheless had an amazing message too. But production on Mr. Morale is almost as if we are there during his sessions. Calming and at times energy filled but never to over the top.

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To our black women, Kendrick has given us an inside look into the mind of a black man. The thing we crave most from our men. And he stands for us as well. For the Glastonbury performance, dressed in all white with a bloody crown, Kendrick concluded his show with, “Godspeed for women’s rights.” To understand, we must practice patience as well as seek the help for own past traumas.  So we too can feel free. And become what Kendrick Lamar attempts to encourage through his song writing. God fearing, family oriented, financial freedom and most importantly, loving people.

June 30, 2022


United In Grief


Die Hard

Rich Spirit

We Cry Together

Disc 2:

Count Me Out

Silent Hill



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