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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

What is the definition of a real nigga? According to the urban dictionary a real nigga is “a nigga that is bout what he is bout and isn’t afraid to speak up for himself no matter what he faces.” But in the real world, a real nigga is someone who is crowned the phrase by those around him through his actions. Or simply playing the cards that were given. Young Dolph was a real nigga. But he was so much more than that on so many levels. He was a father, a friend, a generous man who gave back to his community and wanted nothing more than to see those closest to him thrive.

The Chicago born but Memphis raised rapper came into the rap game in 2008 with his Paper Route Campaign, a campaign built entirely independently, and quickly became a local star through his club banging tracks and catchy punch lines. In 2014, he hit mainstream with the hit, Preach and the rest of the world was hooked. Since then, the Memphis artist has continued to make tracks not exactly made for radio waves but received the hood stamp and even earned the comparison to the hood legend Gucci Mane. He has recorded tracks with artist like 2 Chainz, Meg the Stallion, and Key Glock. His music displays confidence and a hard-working individual who spoke of money for security rather than the love of it. And during the 2020 stand towards injustice for African Americans, Dolph showed his stance towards the inequality with the track, The Land, off his, 2021, Rich Slave album. “They say this the land of the free, but it seem like the land of bullshit to me.” This displayed his understanding and frustration with the system as so many of us have endured our whole lives.

Following the tragic and sudden death of Young Dolph, The Juke Joint would like to celebrate the life of an extremely talented artist whose life was taken at the young age of thirty-six. Thank you, Adolph Thornton, Jr, for your dedication and drive to making dreams come true. May your music inspire and transform dreams into reality.

November 18, 2021

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