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Reviewed By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

There’s something special about when an artist, especially a legend, takes a break from music. The buildup for the return can be compared to the night before Christmas. Exciting, yet nervous. Nervous that the artist may have taken too much time off, but exciting for the thought of something new. Musiq Soulchild, one of the kings of Neo-soul, released his eighth studio album, Victims & Villians. The first in nearly seven years. Soulchild’s ear for hip hop has been present in every album and this one is no different.

hitboy musiq.png

Mega producer, Hit-Boy brought the heat for this project. And this Souldchild/HitBoy combo fit together like a puzzle. Songs like, Will I Touch the Sky and Victims & Villian's, touch the Hip-Hop soul, while Your Love is Life and I Remember You My Ex, reminds us the beauty of singing about love. 

Continuing his theme of using lower case letter for his song titles, it feels as if he never skipped a beat on staying true to what got hi started in the first place. He stays true to his Neo-Soul sound, but also is not afraid to spice things up a bit with modern style beats. 

At times, his monotoned voice and harmonizing can feel a bit repetitious. Therefore, some songs can easly be skipped. Overall, the return of Musiq Soulchild was worth the wait. 


will i touch the sky

victims and villians

white rice deja vu

your love is life

March 27, 2023

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