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Naisisreal Good Vibez

Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

Warm and friendly environments are the key ingredients to a successful showcase. Does the host involve the crowd? Is the crowd responding? Do the performers excite the crowd? Naisisreal put on her first Good Vibez showcase this past weekend March 19, 2022 at the E. 55th Clubhouse. And it was a huge success. Hitting on all the questions asked above and then some. Naisisreal passion towards music and performing is energetic and contagious. Poetry opened the event and along followed singing, rapping and a beautiful piano finish by Naisisreal herself.


Just Cos:

Just Cos opened the event with a poem giving thanks to his mother. And to watch a man show appreciation for the reason he is here, her struggles, her triumphs, it’s unmatched. It was spoken with such passion and truth, there was no denying the greatness his mother has provided to him.

Just Cos.jpg
Quiet Kid.jpg

Quiet Kid:

Quiet Kid isn’t so quiet. In fact, his poems are quite the opposite and seductive. Small kid on the outside man on the inside. Quiet Kid allured the crowd with his choice of words to describe love. It was beautiful.

Mixxed Rose:

Oh, Ms. Rose. The confidence that spews from Rose’s stage presents is phenomenal. She speaks with such sureness, she grabs the audience right away and keeps us interested and hung on every word.

Mixxed Rose.jpg

Walstreet Wes:

Wes was a surprise performance who spoke on real life issues and the struggles of being a black man in America. These topics will never get old and need to be said at every event.   

Spoken Tru:

Spoken Tru, despite his name is actually an R&B artist. He opened his set covering the classic John Legend song Ordinary People and closed with a Summer Walker cover. Very well done.

Walstreet Wes.webp

E-Roc Beatz:

E-Roc’s personality is very welcoming as for his performance. He is a rapper, producer, engineer and song writer who mixes well with everyone around him and his energy is contagious.

Naisisreal 2.jpg


To close the show, Naisisreal gives a beautiful piano display with a hip hop twist. She admits to not knowing how to read music, but her playing says different. Her choice of songwriting is inspirational, motivating and has so much purpose it would be impossible to walk out not wanting to do more. Be more.

This is only the tip of the ice berg. Naisisreal plans to put on a Good Vibez event every month. So if you missed this one, there will plenty of opportunities at the next. See you there!!

March 23, 2022

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