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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(3 Minute Read)

Naisisreal Good Vibez event was in full effect this past weekend. With the help of three other Cleveland Musicians, good vibes was surely delivered. Only difference with round 2, no poets. And that was perfectly ok! I guess we’ll never know what kind of vibes we will get at each event. Come Check out the next one to catch the vibes!

DFG, this mans energy and confidence puts smiles on faces. To open the event, DFG came with a song to set the mood for positive vibes and kept the same energy throughout the entire performance. He danced and encouraged crowed participation, allowing us the opportunity to learn his songs.


Mono Davinchi 3 was not only a surprise performance but a surprise in general. He spoke about the lost of his brother and the lyrics to his song were spoken with passion and such meaningfulness, it'll be hard to forget something so sweet.

Closing, Naisisreal performed with 444. Nerve stricken, 444 pushed out all he had for his first ever performance. While Naisisreal played smooth tracks on the piano, 444 seduced us with a couple cover tracks. Keep pushing for your dreams. 

naisisreal 3.webp

Naisisreal ended show with two unheard tracks that got the crowed moving! This spiritual rapper/pianist truly is a gem and spreads love and compassion, in not only her music but her everyday conversation as well. If you have not had the chance to meet this beautiful soul, come out to the next Good Vibez event!

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