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By: Jewels Alexandria

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One year. To learn if something is right for you, they say, “give it one year.” To fully learn something new, they say, “give it one year.” Well, it has been one year for The Juke Joint and what I have learned is there truly is no such thing has bad music, just music you may not like. There is no rhyme or reason to each artist here, it’s just Cleveland artist doing what they do best.  It is the fun filled dance tracks by Corry Michaels to the smooth R&B songs by J. Leshelle to inspiring motivation from R The Czar that encouraged The Juke Joint to march on. In four seasons, The Juke Joint has covered twenty-six Cleveland artist, each unique in their own way. Here is a small recap of some of the artist featured on The Juke Joint!

Eriq Troi:

When I first discovered Eriq Troi I was blown away by his work ethic. He set a goal in his mind to release a new song every week for one year. “52 Songs One Year.” And he succeeded! The Juke Joint had the pleasure of sitting down with this jazz/funk artist earlier in the year as he shared his process and what plans he had to come. Be sure to check out the interview on The Juke Joint’s YouTube channel.


The first song I heard from this amazing band was Never Have I. The song alone captivated a thirst to learn more about the amazing band. I reached out to lead vocalist, Dan Ullrich, and he informed me the album had came out in early 2019, but I always say good music doesn’t have an expiration date. I encourage all rock fans to check out their album, This Attack. I promise its not to disappoint.

Broken Keys:

Every year Cleveland Heights puts on the Heights Music Hop. It was there at this amazing display of Cleveland musicians that I discovered Broken Keys. It was his India/Alternative vibe that intrigued me enough to invite him to perform at the release party of The Juke Joint.

Kc Tunez:

This Cleveland musician released an amazing first EP titled, Ego Death. This title is powerful beyond words and what better way to use your platform than to inspire. Over the years, I have watched this artist grow into his music. The patience spent with this project shows maturity and I can not wait for what more he has in store.


Last but certainly not least, Clay’Bama. Do you believe in destiny or fate? This man single handedly inspired the birth of The Juke Joint. His passion and willingness to work hard for everything he wants pours from every pore of his body and his music is to match. Songs like 1999 and HXSTL belong on the radio and with due time it will.

With one year down the goal remains the same. Create a space that allows every musician to be heard. Because even when working on ourselves we inspire others.

Here’s to one year of The Juke Joint and many more to come!

Honorable Mentions:

R The Czar:

Lady Saxx

Shawn Charles



Antoine Dunn

Apostle Jones

Charles Pharoah

Kapp Harris


Kapali Money


Ambra Denise

Officially Lady J


Malik X

November 2, 2020

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