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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

Year Two.  And what a rollercoaster it was. Covid died down to only come back in full force, but it did not stop musicians of Cleveland from producing some great music and events. From fun filled weekends with Aphiniti to new projects from the likes of Marcus Alan Ward and Smith Taylor. Through it all, each musician continued to strive for the dreams and The Juke Joint was there to witness it all. Even if just in the background.

B Golden:

This year The Juke Joint had the honor of meeting and listening to a true golden Gem, B. Golden. This multi-instrumentalist can sing like Prince, play the harmonica like Stevie all the while serenading the crowd with his outstanding keyboard skills. What more could you ask for from a musician? Be sure to check out his latest song, When You Touch Me, featuring Rob Cunningham.


Aphiniti is an artist a lot may be familiar with. Not only for her bars but for her bubbly personality. And if you are not, well here’s your chance. This year Aphiniti put on her first annual music festival, “Big Phin Weekend,” and the Juke Joint was invited to join in on the fun. The family-oriented weekend consisted of games and music and gave us all a chance to hear from various local artist. Be sure to check out the interview Aphiniti conducted with The Juke Joint on YouTube or the site and her latest single, Artery.


Anyone who knows or follows Malik-X knows he is one hard working artist. You can catch him at almost any venue in and around the city and even as far as LA. The Juke Joint had the pleasure of reviewing one of two projects he released this year, Still Outside. A true Hip-Hop sounding album that addresses the hardship we all have endured during the pandemic. Still Outside EP is Monday. Be sure to check out both Malik’s projects, Still Outside EP and Monday EP. They are sure to not disappoint.

Joey Aich:

Joey Aich is well on his way to stardom. His catchy, laid-back tunes put you in a mood for a tightly rolled J while rolling around the city. His lyrics speak of something with some substance and challenges your psyche. For his “Out of My Own Way,” project The Juke Joint dubbed it an 8.5/10. Be sure to check out the breakdown of the album on The Juke Joint website.

Who Saved Who:

Although I have not had the pleasure of speaking with the band personally, I have enjoyed checking out each song or project the band releases. With the release of the music video for the track, Moving Outta State, it earned them their highest viewed video on YouTube. This New Age/Rock band makes music enjoyable for just about anyone. Be sure to check out their latest project, Songs to Play Live.

Marcus Alan Ward:

Where to start with Marcus Alan Ward? First encounter with his music is enthralling. It is clear he has a love and passion for music on all levels. From song writing to production, Ward does it all. I’ve spent the last two years hounding Mr. Ward for new tunes and when he finally does, it’s a live performance of Live Azania for Earthquaker. That performance alone will send goosebumps up your spine. Be sure to check out Earthquaker Live Sessions on all musical platforms.

As always, The Juke Joint is a platform for ALL music. There is No Rhyme or Reason, its just Cleveland artist doing what they do best. Music. 

Here’s to another year of The Juke Joint!

Want to hear the artsit? Click the playlist below.

Honorable Mentions:

Among The Willows

B. Jones

Smith Taylor

Jus Bari

Conya Doss

Chelsea Pastel

Prestigious Shuttlesworth

The Rosies

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