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Reviewed By: Jewels Alexandria

(2 Minute Read)

“Not so easy to be valuable these days.” For the tenderhearted, these few words may resonate in more ways than one. Love lost is never easy to deal with. And the ability to articulate the emotions that come from a lost love is not always easy to do. Rap duo, P2I summarizes this emotion extremely well on their latest singe, “When I Need You.” The passion behind this single is felt. It’s not just a song for a “hit,” it’s a song for capturing a moment in one’s life. Being brave enough to transcribe these emotions on a track, and hope that someone else feels you.

Production on the track is a breath of fresh air when compared to most songs we hear on the radio today. It’s not the typical trap drums we have become accustomed to and gives us the ability to love the song as much has we love the lyrics. It is a song appealing to all age groups and all genders. Jace Martin and Rilke are unique in their own way and BjAXX fits perfectly for the hook of the song. Giving us the R&B feel that brings the song alive that much more.

This Boston, Massachusetts duo is without a doubt worth the spin. Check out the group on all streaming platforms now.  Spotify Link Below!!

April 19, 2022

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