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As for R&B, it was rough year.  It was slim pickings when you came to full projects that you could sit back and enjoy. Personally, I feel R&B is losing its touch each year.  But here are The Juke Joint’s top albums of 2022

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December 30, 2022


Alex Isley & Jack Dine


Alex Isley has a big name to live up to and she crushes it. With the help if Jack Dine, she put out the best R&B album of the year. This seductive album explores romance in a way that sounds so beautiful, fairy-tale loves seem real. Take a dive into this 30-minute master piece and experience the love she must want the world to understand.



Act I

Although, not the traditional R&B album, and the only reason this album is not number one is because this is more dance/pop. But she still gave us an R&B feel at times. The transitions into each song is so flawlessly done, it almost feels as if it is one giant song. Not to mention Beyoncé’s vocal talent which is truly unmatched. Songs like Plastic Off the Sofa display just how well of a singer she is. Once again, Beyoncé released something none of her were ready for. But there truly are no rules when it comes to a Beyoncé album. And although, it may have taken a while for others to understand, this album will go down in history as one the best dance albums of all time. What do you think Act II will intel?

Mary J.jpg


Good Morning Gorgeous

Mary J. Blige

The legend proves she can keep with the ever changing face of R&B. With new generation artist like Anderson Paak. and Dave East, Mary pours out her heart about self-love and care on her 14th studio album. 


Ari Lennox

Age/Sex/ Location

Ms. Lennox is done being a door mat. This album featured a more fearless Ari lennox and the maturity from her freshman album to this one felt. Definitely a glass of wine and chill type of album. She even gave a small EP, Away Message, which some may argue is better than the actual album. What do you think?

Ari Le.jpg



Give Or Take

Although, the album in its entirety was not the best, he had some tracks on this album that were worth repeating. Giveon definitely has given us better projects, but with the way R&B went this year, he made the list. 

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