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By: Jewels Alexandria

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“No, I am not a scrub, I don’t need yo tender love.” This album has grown man all over it. The patience and dedication spent on Mos Lit is felt through each track. Not to mention the anticipation the singles DND (voicmails) and CMS brought prior to the release of the project. Cleveland native, R The Czar is making his stamp in Cleveland and making sure he is heard.

This fun filled album has some dance club tracks as well as a little something for the ladies. Brandon Landrum brings the track Baecation alive through his smooth sailing vocals while R The Czar’s raspy sound straightens out the edges. Then there is the track Bastard Child produced by Sounds Like 08. How many of us have experienced a life without a father? “But then again, can I blame for the time you were trapped in a cell.” A never-ending cycle too many black families have experienced growing up.

Production on the album fair. Songs like CMS and Let Me See it make you want to bounce and even has a guest star production by London on da Track on the song Trenches featuring Big Fame.

All in all, this is a great first album for R The Czar. His hard work and dedication are felt when in his presence and I look forward to seeing where his love for music leads him.

You can find Mos Lit on all streaming platforms.




DND (voicemail)

Bastard Child

September 13, 2020

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