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Written By: Mae Sultoneh

(3 Minute Read)

Last year the trail-blazing Nigerian-born Wizkid or ‘Starboy,” dropped the infectious EP Soundaman Vol. 1 that gingaa our spirits from December 6, 2019 up until his anticipated album on October 15th, 2020. Due to the hardships and inequality in Nigeria and the end of SAR’s Movement, Wizkid took action in utilizing his platform to express his frustrations with Nigerian leaders and politics. His choice to defer his drop date of Made in Lagos was a solidifying yet brave action until better timing. Before the final project being released, Wizkid slid us some easter eggs. No Stress and S.M.I.L.E,  ft H.E.R circulated and gained so much popularity making his listeners yearn for the full album! By The end of October Twitter blew up with the final release of Made in Lagos. Invoking melodic and spiritual afro-fusion, featuring Burna Boy, Ella Mai, Damian Marley, and Tems. 

Everything about this album was sultry, organic and appealed to all your senses. The listeners get to experience a paradigm of encountering pure vibes. It is as if each feature and melody was matched and paired perfectly. The order and production were exquisite! Wizkid then took a further step to partner with Youtube hosting a live interview and concert. Ultimately, what makes Wiz a great artist is his ability to be humble yet passionate and open to forming organic relationships while stepping out of the norm of what is expected of an artist. Throughout the live performance, you see how essential it is to have a team and support system. A key member of this team was the music director McNastey. His music director had the challenge of taking a delectable project and enhancing it even more! Regardless of the performance being during Covid times,  the sound quality was on point, visuals and stage presence were mesmerizing! Of course, we got the Made in Lagos experience, we dipped back into Soundman Vol. 1 and classics like Ojuelegba, his infamous work of creating clues and illusions always keeps his listeners and fans guessing just like Beyonce. 

The one thing we can somewhat expect from him in 2021 is a possible album with Sepkta, until further notice, we’ll continue to gyrate with M.I.L .

December 15, 2020

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