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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

“It’s a Cleveland celebration,” says Marcus Alan Ward in the middle of this past weekend’s listening party for his upcoming album, Cruiser Weight. And a Celebration it truly was. Heavy hitter names attended the performance and it was everything any music lover could possibly dream of. Live instrumentation, crazy guitar rifts and vocals you only hear once in a lifetime. The atmosphere before the show was easy going, free spirited and warm. The drinks kept flowing as DJ Corey Grand spun records and the guest kept spilling in.

Before starting the show, Ward gave us a little background on his first full project in four years. “Covid allowed me the time to practice guitar and I started boxing.” Hence, the title of his album. With confidence and stride, Ward opened the show with a head bopping song that sent chills through my entire body. To aide in the performance was the beautiful soulful voice of KyleKidd, producer/artist Broken Keys, Hip Hop mogul Sted Lee and smooth saxophonist Nathan-Paul. All together they made more than music on the stage, they made magic. I was star stricken by the amount of talent spewing from each musican. You can only imagine how difficult it is to take shots and watch the show at the same time.


Marcus Alan Ward’s love for music was felt throughout the entire show. His facial expressions when he hit a certain cord, or his friendly grin as he lead the band into the next song. He even got the crowd involved with the all too familiar line dance to Tamia’s Cant Get Enough, as each concert goer filled the dance floor to show off their amazing dance skills. He ended the show with a rendention of SWV’s, Rain as KyleKidd hummed and did an amazing 1920’s skat. A style of singing we hear so far in between these days but complimented the tune so well.

Marcus makes the music that it missed on so many levels. And the features for the project only intensified that passion. The release date for Cruiser Weight is August 5, 2022. Be sure to check this amazing project. It is sure to not disappoint. You’re going places kid.

July 20, 2022

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