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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

H.E.R’s undeniable progress has developed into something so beautiful, so strong and unique she is single handily one of the most captivating R&B/Soul artist the world has seen in a long while. She continues to prove she can rock with the new school vibes with a wonderful mixture of the 70s soul many old souls crave. Her passion for music is felt through every performance, every lyric and the multi-instrumentalist shows she continue to strive for higher goals. H.E.R fans have been waiting for Back of My Mind since the release of Damage and yes, she delivered.

The opening track, We Made It, sets the tone of gratitude towards her hard work. “All those nights hopin’ that we’d find it, lookin’ at the sky, like thank God that you’re with me.” Not only is she thankful for her own dedication but also gives glory to her creator, God. As the album progresses, she captivates her listeners through her lyrics and use of live instrumentations. Bloody Waters, featuring the great Thundercat, has the sound of 1970’s pure R&B and addresses many worldly problems. Not to mention the amazing baseline that brings the song alive. Production on the track Cheat Code is amazing. Over beautiful guitar riffs and drum patterns, I can not help but wonder what Ms. Lauyrn Hill would sound like on the hook. To slow it down a bit is the song, Mean it. Too many females can relate to a track like this.  Like many so many tracks, she turns her voice into an instrument, asking, “did you mean it?”

H.E.R is sure to continue to write songs we all have grown to love. Songs of love, empowerment, vulnerability and how simply Lucky we are to have an artist like H.E.R in the music industry. An artist that does not over sexualize her music and puts life into words many of us cannot articulate. She leaves room for the imagination and quite honestly, she is one of the last artists to make genuine R&B music. Of course, music is a constant changing force, but that does not mean we have to forget where it all came from. The reason music lovers fell in love in the first place and H.E.R gives us a glimpse of it.

H.E.R has made her mark, and it is a lasting one.


We Made It

Back of My Mind


Bloody Waters

Closer to Me


Mean It


July 24, 2021

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