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By: Jewels Alexandria 

(1 Minute Read)

Google Aphiniti, what you will find is a hard-working women who will stop at nothing to be one of the greatest MC’s around. From her dope 2015 freestyle on Sway in the Morning, to most recently The Daze, Aphiniti wants it all. It has been three years since the Cleveland native as released music for her fans to bump. July of 2020, she teamed up with Cleveland MC/Producer, Clay’bama and dropped an album that is demanding respect.

Fountainhead opens with the song Demo, using a clip from Marvel’s Infinity War and the MC displays her talent bar for bar. “Disgusting, disloyal, dysfunctional parasites, plaguing my prison with poison and putting my people in places you know it ain’t fair to fight.” Just when she gets us all turnt up, Propane starts up and reminds us to never forget to believe in ourselves and to not lose yourself when it comes to love. Then it’s back to head rockin’, bass thumpin’ with the track Air Phin.

Overall, this album was very cohesive and well put together. I believe that each song has something for someone. I only wish I had heard of Aphiniti before now. But you know the saying, “better late then never.”

You can find Aphiniti’s music on all digital platforms.




Air Phin


 August 16, 2020

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