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Reviewed By: G8$

(3 Minute Read)

I didn't know much about Nigo. Heard a couple tracks (Heavy, Arya and Hear Me Clearly). They caught my attention due to the artist featured. That's when I realized he is a producer. Pretty dope one turns out, showing immediately the different styles he can produce. Though, you can tell some songs sound dated, it still seems to be a fun album.


Nigo, kicks it off with a freestyle from 2019 with A$AP Rocky & Tyler the Creator that's dope yet old none the less. A solo track from Rocky following was dope but obvious. "Punch Bowl," had a great feeling of nostalgia and it  felt good to hear The Clipse together again. Once I heard Pharrell and Gunna on the same track I knew this had to be a guy in high fashion.


I discovered who he is! Nigo made hand in Bathing Ape in 1993. He also collaborated with Pharrell Williams to create Billionaire Boys Club. That explains the different flavors in style. Dope to see him well respected.


Giving respect back with a decent Pop Smoke track over the drill beat followed by Lil Uzi Vert drilling it out as well. Shows love to his fashion world with cat-walk bangers by Kid Cudi and another by his group he founded in Japan, Teriyaki Boyz. A$AP Ferg and Pharrell get away with their drug parodies on "Paper Plates".  As Nigo ends it with Tyler, The Creator kicking it with that Wolf Gang flow.


All in all, Nigo dropped a dope second album. Right in time to rip some Springtime runways. Something you can cruise to on the quick side. Given the range of cities of artist, I can see how everyone may know Nigo.



Punch Bowl




April 17, 2022

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