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By: Jewels Alexandria

(2 Minute Read)

Some of the greatest albums of all time start out with the most captivating intro’s. Without the perfect intro do you even have a great album? Like J. Cole’s Intro to Forest Hills or Kendrick Lamar’s Sherane, intro’s set the tone for the album. It gives us mental preparation for something great or bad. Confidently said, Clay’Bama’s intro, Hush, featuring saxophonist Lady Saxx, pulls the listener in and rolls so beautifully into Church on his first full length album, Up Up Away.

Clay’Bama has been preparing us for Up Up Away for months, if not years. The single HXSTL has been featured during the 2020 NBA playoffs and has the right stuff to make anyone get out their seat and dance. Then comes, 1999! This track pays homage to Cleveland’s Bone Thugz and Harmony and speaks of positive lifestyles. “I’m about to own my own home, do you ya’ll know how that feel now?” His latest single, Thank God featuring OnQue  has the perfect music video to match the perfection of the song. In fact, each feature brings their A game to each track.

Production is everything and then some. No annoying trap beats, just music. The use of Jazz is evident throughout the album. And let’s face it, what’s Hip-Hop without Jazz? Up Up Away bleeds with hard work and dedication and he does it without overuse of curse words or simple vocabulary.  Each song feels as if it fits together like a puzzle and sometimes it’s the simplicity of an album that creates something great.

You can find Clay'Bama's debute album, Up Up away on all streaming platforms.





The Majors

Thank God


We On

December 6, 2020

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