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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(5 Minute Read)

“Motherfuck the big 3, Nigga, it’s just big me.”

K Dot is back at it calling out some of y’all favorite rappers! This is exactly what Hip Hop needed and one of the most excited things I have heard, industry wise, in a while. There has been way too many mediocre albums and singles dropping and not enough people holding them accountable for the weak, half ass music. And what better way than for the Control verse king to come at Cole and Drake. Two of the biggest names in Hip Hop today to get them back on their toes. If you have not heard the verse on Future and Metro Boomin, Like That, check out the link below.


First, let’s dive into those samples. There are a few samples that can be heard on the track. First being Eazy E’s, Eazy Duz It, produced by Dr. Dre and DJ Yella. Kanye most recently used the same sample on the single, Eazy, for The Game in 2022. But it’s the E 40 sample from the 1999 song, Look At Me, that gets me going. Originally made by Rodney O and Joe Cooley, Everlasting Bass.  Lamar is so clever with verbage, he uses the sample in his flow and shows his knowledge of Hip Hop legends before him to diss Drake and Cole. “Niggas clickin up but cannot be legit, No 40 water.” E 40 and B-Legit are cousins who formed a group called, The Click in 1986 (Istillloverher). The third sample on track is Pop Bottles by Birdman and Lil Wayne. Much props to Metroboomin and Prince 85 on this dope track.

I have always said Cole and Kendrick fell out years ago and that is why we never heard the “joint album,” they were working on. And we all know the long standing beef between K Dot and Drizzy. But Kendrick is one to keep away from industry artist. He waits years in between his projects to be ensure he puts out a great piece of art and is quick to call out anyone who he feels threatened by or feels is better than him. Some may argue, Cole was only trying to give Kendrick his props or to diffuse whatever problems they may have had, but I feel Kendrick thinks Cole is soft and he needed some sharpening up. Being the huge Cole fan I am, I was getting tired of the string of features on weak artist songs and renigging in his interview with Lil Yachty when asked about his controversial track, Everybody Dies. Although, The Fall Off, is shaping up to be an instant classic. Then there is Drake, who needed to be called out a long time ago. Sorry Drake fans, but this is needed to help bring back a Drake who loved music. Not this commercial sounding, lackadaisical music he has been releasing the last few years.

Nonetheless, I am excited for what’s to come! I feel this will be a great year for Hip Hop and will hopefully inspire other MC’s to get back on they game. Cheers!

March 25, 2024

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