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For Release: March 21, 2024

Malik X

LFTG Records


Malik X Album Release

For The General Public

Cleveland, Ohio: Today, Malik X, an independent Hip Hop recording artist is announcing the release of his new album, For The General Public. An Album intended for the listening pleasures of all ages and people.


After claiming champion of the Cleveland rap scene, Malik X is quoted saying, “I’m feeling like the heavy weight champ of the city. I got the streets behind me.”


To continue the momentum of the win, Malik X uses music to prove just why he deserves his champion win with, For The General Public.


  • Challenges local publications

  • Displays his lyrical abilities.

  • True Hip Hop sound.


About LFTG Records: LFTG is a recording label, based in Cleveland, Ohio, with Malik X being the first signed artist. Founded in 2014, LFTG has expanded to a label that leads with a drive that can be compared to the likes of the greats.



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