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Written By: Jewels Alexandria

(4 Minute Read)

Nasir Jones is one of the most influential MC’s of the past three decades. He wiggled his way in the Hip Hop scene in 1994 with his debut album, Illmatic and has influenced the likes of Jay Z, Biggie Smalls and countless other legends. Today, Nas continues his string of relentless bars, even out shining some of today’s top artist. The Juke Joint would like to introduce the, First Time Series. An interactive writing style that allows you, the consumer, to engage in the topics at hand.  For you Nas fans or just Hip Hop fans in general, when was the first time you heard Nas? What is your story? How has he influenced your love for the genre? Did the first time you hear Nas just not cut it for you? Let me know.

First time I heard Nas, I was 21 years old. Although, not the very first time I heard him, it was the first time I HEARD Nas. It was 2013, I was working my first adult job and my car had broken down. There was no such thing as Bluetooth headphones yet and I had to spend time each day untangling and angling them just the right way so I could hear the music without interruption. Walking to the bus stop I was tired of hearing the music I had in my phone. Some J.Cole, some Tupac, you know, the typical. I needed something new. Then Nas popped in my head. I heard of his legacy and magic of Illmatic. Not ashamed to admit, I wasn’t buying albums during that time, so I was on some website, downloading illegally and typed in, Nas - Illmatic. I pressed play as the bus pulled off and instantly, I fell in love.

Sonically, the album put me at ease. I loved his flow. The New Yorkness of his style. It all felt like I was watching a movie or right there in New York during the 90’s. I left that bus every morning feeling like the world was mine. From then on, I dived deeper into the hip hop world. Dissecting and proud to participate in the conversations about this classic album.

Today, Nas has done what few MC’s have ever done and that’s release 6 albums in under four years. All produced by HitBoy, a great combo I might add, but he dared to push the limits.  In this microwave generation, Nas is proving age does not matter when it comes to making an art you truly love.

Let us know your first experience of Nas. 

April 18, 2024 

Comments (4)

I've known about Nas my whole life, but never truly got into him until recent years. It was "Kings Disease." That made me really listen to him . I believe he has a line he says when did you first hear Nas? It was "Kings Disease." For me. My prediction he would get album of the year . He got his Grammy!

Apr 23
Replying to

The Kings Diseases are great albums!! Thanks for sharing!


First time I really fell in love with hip hop when during my freshman year of high school. I was doing homework listening to the music choice hip hop channel and "The World is Yours" by Nas came on and I was immediately hooked! I was raised on hip hop, my mom played it all the time but it was that song that really made me dove deeper into not just Nas catalog but the whole hip hop history in general!

Apr 18
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Nas is truly a pioneer to Hip Hop!

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